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He is always well behaved and everyone says how beautiful and smart he is. Thank you so much for our little guy. We couldn't love him more! 

Hope is doing very good! She has adapted well to our home, and is easy to work with and is a joy to have around! We love her! 

We think he is so smart! He is in his new home and was welcome d with big smiles and laughter! What a sweet dog! 

She learned very quickly to meet people when the bell rings and everyone loves her. We are enjoying her so much! 

Breck also is a complete ham! I visit my grandma in the nusing home every week, and Breck always comes along. Everyone there absolutely loves him, and he just eats it up.

He is such an angel and loves to cuddle with everyone!

He is really a hit there, and even the staff knows his name now. 

Bentley is doing wonderful ! He has been a joy to love, train, and be part of our family. Thanks to you and your family Bentley certainly received lots of love, care, and attention that a well adjusted puppy needs to thrive. 

Snickers continues to be the hit of the neighborh ood. He is such a sweethea rt, everyone loves him but not as much as I do. 

All of us are doing just wond erfully! Rainier is growing rapidly.

All in all, I would say we are dearly attached to this little, or rather big puppy, and he's clearly devoted to us in turn. :)

Rover is the perfect fit for our family thank you so much! Titan is his new name and he is amazing!I honestly have never worked with such a smart dog he is a joy to our family. Thank you so much! I should let you know he is also gigantic. lol 

 I would love to say that our experienc e adopting a Bernese Mountain Dog from P.V. Berners was wonderful . "Shep" is almost 5 months old and he is beautiful and gentle. He has made a wonderful addition to our family!