Why Berners

RocketBernese Mountain Dogs are wonderful companions. Learn more about this breed.  The Bernese Mountain dog originated in the Swiss mountains of Switzerland. They were typically used as farm dogs and draft animals to pull carts.

The Bernese are a large breed, companion dog with beautiful markings. They are long haired and require daily to weekly grooming and do shed excessively when losing their winter coat. Because of their thick coat, they prefer cooler temperatures.

Berners thrive on attention and show some amount of guard ability. This breed is highly recommended for families with children. Even though they are a large dog, the show no agression to younger children. The Bernese also get along fairly well with other animals. They are intelligent and easy to train if time is spent to do so. If left alone for long periods of time, the Bernese tend to get bored and troublesome. You may find them chewing up your favorite shoe if not given adequate attention. They are also energetic and need regular exercise to maintain good health.

The males will reach 85-105 pounds at maturity and stand 24-28 inches high. The females will reach 80-105 pounds at maturity and stand 23-27 inches high.

Additional information about Bernese Mountain Dogs