About Us

Scenery We are located in gentle rolling hills of southwestern Wisconsin.  Our family of seven was first introduced to the Bernese Mountain Dog by a relative.  We were very impressed with the beauty and the disposition of their then puppy, "Rocket".  As time passed, we became more acquinted with Rocket and expressed our interest in such a beautiful dog.  Our family member found the circumstances of their life too challenging to keep Rocket and they knew how impressed we were with their dog.  We were delighted to adopt him and bring him home to be a part of our family.

RocketOur beloved Rocket was stricken by Lymes disease.  We worked very hard to try to combat his illness, but the Lymes took its toll on his kidneys, and Rocket died.  It was a very hard time for our family.  Rocket was a very intelligent and loyal dog, which is typical of the Bernese breed.  Our Rocket seemed to understand by instinct just how much he could play with each family member.  He loved to play and wanted to carry the mail to the house when we took it from the mailbox. He was also protective of us and barked to let us know we had visitors.

  What has impressed us the most about the Bernese breed is its good nature, especially with children.  Because we have observed the Bernese being beautiful, loyal, and extremely good with children we decided to raise some stock from this wonderful breed.  We place high value on a  breed that is good with our children and protective of them.  In turn, we believe in taking care of our animals with care and compassion.  Our children enjoy animals and are learning the responsibility of helping us care for them.  Our children work along side us and participate in caring for and maintaining the well-being of our animals.  We find that having the dogs provides an avenue for our children to learn responsibility, and compassion for God's creation.